Sands Fish is a computational artist, data scientist, and fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society, leading data analysis and visualization for Media Cloud. His focus is on data visualization, semantic web technologies, linked open data, information architecture, and their application to education and civic media.




Accepted Paper at the SIGKDD 2014 Data Science for Social Good "NewsKDD" Workshop - "Large-Scale Topical Analysis of Multiple Online News Sources with Media Cloud"

Berkman Center Fellow - Working with Media Cloud to analyze and visualize the networked public sphere and to support research for understanding and advancing the public interest.

Invited talk @ Association for Information Science & Technology - "Knowing in the Age of Networked Knowledge" (slides)

ML/NLP Hackathon - Winner of the Prize for data mining using their API to enrich a Twitter data-set

Media in Transition Conference, 2013 - Panelist for "Shared Knowledge Creation: Talking Back to Online Content" session, examining the academic, cultural and ethical dimensions of taking notes on cultural artifacts.

Influence Discovery - A research tool powered by, in support of work with Paolo Negrini

MIT HyperStudio Fellow, 2013. (announcement)

LODLAM - Delegate at the 2013 LODLAM Summit in Montréal, Québec, focusing on "actionable approaches to publishing and consuming Linked Open Data"

Open Data at MIT - A Conversation (and Hack-A-Thon) About The Tools, The Community, and The Potential (January 2013)

Rhythms of Rhythms - Video Exhibit - MIT Barker Library, 2007

Associated With Other Information As It Normally Would Be - Video and EP, with Jason Asselin, Detroit, 2002

DSpace - Committer; release team lead for DSpace 3.0

FACADE - Future-proofing Architectural Computer-Aided Design (using MIT's SIMILE tools)

Digital MIT Theses - Designing a platform for electronic submission at MIT

Vera Multi-Search - Federated Electronic Resource Searching for the MIT Community

DSpace@MIT - MIT's Institutional Repository for Electronic Preservation